I’ve worked in the same office for almost four years and absolutely nothing has changed since I’ve started.

I do a shit-load of work, I get my schedule once a week, and I have benefits.


Job security, ON the schedule, taken care of in case shit goes wrong.

Can I complain about not having a set schedule? Yes. Do I? Only when I work 3-11, 6-2, 3-11 and then 6-2. Back to back to back to back. And technically it’s not me complaining, it’s my body and my appetite.

Recently, people who I work with have concluded that we are actually working in hell and following orders from Satan. So, several people teamed up together and tried to “hire” a Union to represent our office.

Because paying total strangers who know nothing about our job and who have the worst job history record ever, is nearly like working in Heaven and dancing with angels every single day.

Our higher management team was pissed that we even got to the point of having the chance to vote the Union in. So, they hired this serious “Union Buster” to come and change everyones minds. We had seven mandatory meetings and several hours of mandatory overtime. It was the best half a million or, million, or whatever-illon dollars my company has ever spent.

The vote was beyond one-sided and the Union lost. So, the 49 out of 375 people who did vote for the Union were undeniably angry. When we heard the results there was a lot of head shaking, eyes rolling and mumbling.

Our current director at the time was escorted off property by security and fired and a new guy from within the company was brought in to clean up all the dirty work.

And by clean up, I mean, redo and create structure in the office that’s been in operation for about 8 years. He’s basically starting it from scratch and making tons of people really mad while he’s doing it. I feel terrible for the guy because it’s clear that he’s usually well liked but obviously will not be in my office.

Here’s the biggest change:
Our current 1 hour paid lunch break has been shortened to a 45 minute lunch break and we are given 2, 15 minute paid breaks. One before lunch and one after.


Some people don’t get breaks. Some people don’t get paid. Some people don’t have jobs. AT ALL.

Today, while everyone was hussing and fussing and LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB BECAUSE THIS IS THE MOST UNFAIR THING EVER!!, I kept smiling and saying how happy I was that I had a job.

Not just because I’m a smart-ass and like to stir shit up sometimes, but because I truly mean that. I have more than one friend who is desperate for a job or is stuck working a crappy job because what else can they do?

And every single angry person looked at me with their head titled to the side like they were a dog hearing fart noises coming out of my mouth.

Who has the balls to complain about getting 3 PAID BREAKS IN AN HOUR SHIFT!?

And how many jobs are there, especially in Corporate America, that are run this way?

I will never understand people no matter how hard I try.

I’m just waiting for the big changes to come and watch everyone walk out the door and hopefully I’ll get the full-time shift I’ve been wanting for over 3.5 years.

See YA, sure as hell wouldn’t wanna be YA!



I’m so disappointed in myself right now. I don’t know what the hell I’ve been thinking.

So, I’ve started my 6th week of p90x. In case you aren’t familiar with the program it’s a very intense 90-day, 6-day a week program. There are 12 different workouts and it’s been proven to be one of the best exercise plans around. You work every muscle and do different routines, to keep your body guessing, etc.

I’m sure you know about it, anyway.

So, as I start my 6th week I realize that I’m pissed.
I’m still wearing the same jeans!!!! I measure my success based off of how my clothes fit. Oh, and how well you can see my clavicle. I was for sure thinking that AT LEAST after 4 weeks, I’d be shopping for new, smaller jeans.


So, I started thinking yesterday and had a chat with a personal trainer who I work with and totally realized that I’m not eating enough food. I’m not getting enough calories on a daily basis and I’m not eating enough throughout my entire day.

So, this means that my body is holding onto the food that I eat and storing it as fat because I’m not giving it enough food so that it won’t need to do that.

You follow me? You know this. We all know this. I know this.
Why didn’t I think of this? Why am I not eating more often? Why am I eating such a small amount of calories?

Why do I feel like, now, after busting my ass SO HARD, that I’m going to have to start over?!

I’m so upset and annoyed and discouraged, I could SCREAM!

So, I’m hoping now that I eat a little more that the weight starts shedding ASAP.


Buy this book. Hilarious and I’m not even done yet.

Even the cover kills me.

oh yeah and…

Ever since I went to my friends baby shower and her house was perfectly decorated the way I dream of my house being, I’m totally obsessed with Pottery Barn.

This is a huge problem because it’s totally overpriced and completely unfair.


I went for a run today and it was pure hell. I remember when I actually considered myself a runner. Now, I’m working on getting my endurance back and feeling like a 80 year woman while doing so.

I probably hadn’t even hit half a mile and started feeling immense lower back pain. This is odd because I’ve never had lower back pain and I’ve never had any pain while running.

I did about a mile and a half and came home and stretched a little bit.
Then, I googled the problem and it appears to be common. It’s just weird that it’s never happened before. Hopefully some of the tips I read will make my run tomorrow a little better.

I plan on doing several 5Ks this year and hopefully a half marathon so I need to start getting myself in the game before it’s too late.

Running also needed to be added to my routine because after 5 weeks of p90x, I’ve gained LOTS of muscle mass and that is not my current goal. The goal is muscle mass AND fat loss. So,a change is needed which is more cardio.

I’m on a mission, and hot damn I’m gonna get there!


I wish July was here so that I could dance around at my brothers wedding and then come home and anxiously wait around for my sisters baby to arrive.

I’m going to be an aunt and I’m SO excited!


Last night my cousin directed a play at her high school and her little brother was the star.

I can’t even begin to imagine how her parents or my mom felt, because I was beyond words with excitement for them.

I seriously think they are the coolest kids on the planet. The absolute best.

I’ve met so many bratty, inconsiderate, lazy-ass teenagers and to be around kids who truly love life and being active is so refreshing.

Thinking about the disasterous state our education system is in and knowing that so many extra activities are going to be cut just breaks my heart.

My siblings and my cousins at my wedding. I call this photo:
“My moms babies” LOL.. 🙂