I’m getting baby fever.

Someone let me babysit so that this shit stops.

5 days ago I know someone who had a baby and named her Eleanor.
This morning I know someone who had a baby and named her Eleanor.


And my friend who is due in 3 weeks is naming her baby Georgia.

I think I like these old school names.


4 responses to “BABY

  1. I hope you don’t get to babysit so that you will be forced to PROCREATE instead, mwuhahaha!!! What does Peter think about babies, anyway?

    I love old fashioned names, too, as is evident from my own children’s names.

  2. EVIL!

    LoL, it’s funny/interesting how many people would love for me to have babies before I’ve realistically ever thought about having them myself.

    Pete told me he wants them “soon.” At first he said “by the time I’m 30” which is in Sept, so clearly, that’s out.

    Then I reminded him when his birthday is and his “fairytale timeline” probably expired.

    We are going to talk more about it when I’m 29. 🙂

  3. Ps. Oh, I love the older names, too. I think we’ve discussed this before and the harsh reality of so many people choosing “normal” names with weird spellings or names from the Top Ten Baby Name List from the last 3 years. Sigh. WHY?! LoL.

    I think one baby Eleanor will be frequently called, “Ellie”.

  4. Ah, but, you ARE realistically thinking about having them now/soon since you’ve been talking with Pete about it and you just admitted to baby fever!

    Its definitely not the end of world for him to start having babies in his 30’s – that’s what Bill and I did, and its working out just fine. Of course, we had Katherine in quick succession after Elizabeth, and one of the major reasons for this was because of Bill’s age. He didn’t want to be TOO old by the time his kids were 18, haha!

    Yes, we have discussed the trend of weird name spellings before. I hate it, too. Why ruin a perfectly good name and make it so…un-classy and annoying? Who knows, maybe the name “Clara” will make a comeback with all these old names showing up! How awesome would that be?!

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