I went for a run today and it was pure hell. I remember when I actually considered myself a runner. Now, I’m working on getting my endurance back and feeling like a 80 year woman while doing so.

I probably hadn’t even hit half a mile and started feeling immense lower back pain. This is odd because I’ve never had lower back pain and I’ve never had any pain while running.

I did about a mile and a half and came home and stretched a little bit.
Then, I googled the problem and it appears to be common. It’s just weird that it’s never happened before. Hopefully some of the tips I read will make my run tomorrow a little better.

I plan on doing several 5Ks this year and hopefully a half marathon so I need to start getting myself in the game before it’s too late.

Running also needed to be added to my routine because after 5 weeks of p90x, I’ve gained LOTS of muscle mass and that is not my current goal. The goal is muscle mass AND fat loss. So,a change is needed which is more cardio.

I’m on a mission, and hot damn I’m gonna get there!


3 responses to “Sunday

  1. I always have the opposite problem. I like cardio, but HAAAATTTEEE doing any strength training or anything that involves “resistance”. haha. Of course, since I’m turning 27 this month, I need to change that so I don’t get the dreaded osteoporosis. Sigh.

    Anyway, why the lower back pain while running? I have never heard of that, either. You’re always so dedicated about those marathons – I love it!

  2. Ummm… are you on

  3. No, but I’m about to be!

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