Since when did my favorite face lotion become 17 dollars?!

We have a new director at work and every single time he walks in the office, I’m pretty sure the building is THISCLOSE to blowing up.

I’m making “the last half of 2011” goals.

I’m elated that my husband and I have a fun couple to spend time with.

I played matchmaker for someone very, very important in my life and I’m going to find out how it’s going on Friday. Pray it’s well. Hope. Wish. Think about it a couple times?

P90x is making my fingers skinny. SERIOUSLY? That’s what I get?
Today was the start of week 5… only 9 weeks left. LOL. UGH. FML and FP90x! ohhh, kidding.



One response to “Tuesday.

  1. Your fingers are a nice place to start? lol! Better than having sausage fingers though, right?!

    What face lotion do you use? I have always used el cheapo Ponds that I get for like, $3.

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