I type that date, write that date and see that date in my head and I get little butterflies in my tummy and hearts flying around my head. It’s so much more than our new anniversary and more than our wedding date.

It’s the day that began the first day of my life. A day where I shared so many emotions with all of my closest friends and family. A day that is never ever going to be forgotten no matter how much time passes. It was so much more than I could have ever imagined or dreamed of.

I’ll try to recap as best as I can, without getting too wordy.

Thursday night Petes friends began coming to town so we met with one of them for dinner. Drew and Pete went to college together and this was the first time I was meeting him. Their friendship is very much like mine and Heathers. Same sort of sense of humor and spent most of their “college/party” days together. Drew knows ALL the dirt about Pete just like Heather knows all of my, lets-never-tell-anyone story, stories. LoL. It made for a very entertaining evening.

Pete met up with a few more of his friends and went to a bar to have a small “bachelor party”. I went home to get some sleep and calm my nerves. I slept for about 3 hours on Thursday night and had tons to do on Friday.

Alexis was in town and we needed to get a lot of things done. Most importantly: pedicures and mimosas. Mission accomplished. Along with shopping and some last minute things for the weekend.

All of our guests were staying at Green Valley Ranch, so Pete and I booked 2 rooms there. Alexis and I stayed in one room on Friday and Pete in the other. And , of course, Pete and I stayed in a room together on Saturday evening.

Friday evening we had a rehearsal dinner at Lucilles BBQ in the District. The food and service were amazing and everyone was raving about it. We had a great time. Afterwards we walked over to the Lobby Bar at Green Valley Ranch where Petes moms friends threw us a very lovely,open bar, toasting party. A lot of people came to wish us well and give us a nice toast and tell some stories about us. I will say that while planning my wedding, I didn’t want all of these extra things, including the toasting party. It wasn’t my style and I wanted something small and simple. After the fact, that toasting party was one of the best parts about the whole weekend. I loved it and thought the idea was so nice and thoughtful. Everyone was able to relax and easily mingle with one another and you can wish the bride and groom well wishes. I kept saying “thats why I’m going to have a wedding reception!” and after it’s all said and done, I realize that theres no time at the reception to happily mingle with every single person. It just doesn’t work that way. Anyway, it was nice. 🙂

After the party some people went to gamble and I headed straight to my room for bed. I slept for about 4 hours on Friday night and woke up Saturday morning staring out my hotel room window, listening to the rain.

Then, I almost puked 5 times.

REALLY? RAIN? On my wedding day? On MY day thats full of outdoor pictures and an outdoor wedding? That’s so cute. If at any moment during this process I became a “bridezilla”, it was during that moment. No doubt about it.

Anyway, the sun wanted to come up so badly but waited all morning to do so just long enough for me to have a heart attack, a cup of coffee from the Coffee Bean and 3 glasses of Champagne.

Finally, it stopped raining and just got cold and windy. At this point, I’m out of control and almost out of luck. I talked to the Manager where we had our wedding and he asked if I wanted to move the wedding inside. I called him 2 hours later and thanked him for being so nice and accomodating and that I was sure my indoor wedding would be just as nice as my outdoor wedding.

Our wonderful florist delivered our flowers to Green Valley Ranch and took the centerpieces to the wedding location. Alexis, my sisters, Crystal and my mom met me in my hotel room to get ready. My hair lady came and did all of our hair and my sister did my make up. Alexis gave me a shot of Jack Daniels and I knew things were coming along. 😉

The photographers were prompt and helpful and took tons of pictures before the wedding. Alexis met Pete downstairs to give him his wedding band for the pictures and his flower for his coat. She came running back into the room telling me how handsome my soon-to-be husband looked. With tears in my eyes and butterflies in my stomach, I was ready to head downstairs to see the love of my life on our beautiful day.

We were somewhat untraditional and decided to have “first look” pictures. I know the most exciting part of a wedding ceremony is the grooms face while his bride walks down the aisle, BUT, I wanted the photographer to truly capture his feelings. I wanted the moment to be as intimate as possible so we chose to do that between he and I and the photographer, of course.



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  1. Hi. The cliffhanger is killing me, but no pressure 🙂

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