This year I will…

Get married (DUH. We are less than 50 days away. My stomach is flipping around in stress/excitement and nerves!)

Drink more water(at least a liter a day. I’ve been a little lazy at the water cooler, lately.)

Be nicer (to everyone. Even the ones that annoy me. I mean, is it worth it to hold grudges and think people are annoying so much that it affects my mood? Not everyone needs to be my best friend, but I should at least be kind. )

Smile more, especially at strangers (The other day I was in Front Row Sports at the mall with Pete and the cashier said, “It’s almost the New Year! Damn girl, smile. Be happy!” I didn’t think that I looked sad or miserable. But, I realized this wasn’t the first time someone has advised me to start smiling. Apparently, my just-standing-here-waiting-for-you-to-swipe-that-card face is bitter looking? I don’t know, but I’m going to work on being pleasant. )

Take more pictures (I organize all of my pictures by month and I noticed that some months were missing which meant that I really couldn’t remember anything I did during those months. Like, April. What the hell did I do in April!? )

Travel somewhere with my fella… to a place we’ve never been together (super  easy, since that’s basically everywhere and anywhere. Except California and Texas, LOL. )

Read more ( I have a library card that I need to put to good use. And a library 1 minute from my house. And a shit-ton of books in my house that need to be read. )

Run the Las Vegas Half Marathon (again. For real. Paying for it in the spring, training for it. No matter what, it needs to be done. In addition to at least 5 other races, I assume which will be 5K runs or 10K runs.)

Start elementary education classes. (WATCH OUT. )

Spend more time with my family (I always want to improve this. We are very close, but I always find myself thinking I want to see them more and more. )

Host more evenings at my house with friends (Our house is big and spacious and open and I hate leaving it because I live so damn far away. So people should come over, instead. And I should make it happen and  stop fearing that people will be bored or think my house is lame. That’s dumb, huh? )

Keep my car clean (the inside, the outside, the brakes, the engine, all of it. Why is this one always so hard for me!? It’s terrible. I spend so much time driving that damn car, it should be immaculate. )

And of course the usual that go without saying:
exercise, get healthy, cook more, save more, etc.

2011, I’m going to LOVE you.


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