is gone. Doesn’t that sound strange?

In 2010 I…

was the Maid of Honor for my best friends wedding

Had a sweet and romantical night in a 1500 Sq. ft suite on top of the Bellagio overlooking the Bellagio Fountains

I went to see my Cubbies play with my fiance. Our 2nd Cubs game together!

I went to a fun concert, rode in a limo and drank waaaay too much with some of my pals!

We took a trip to Texas! Pete reunited with a friend who he hadn’t seen in 17 years and we enjoyed a Rangers game! ūüôā

I turned 26 and partied like I was 21.
I promise you don’t need to see the pictures.
I went to Disneyland with my fella for his first-ever trip.

I went to a divorce party for the first time and stood by one of my best friends through the hardest time of her life.

Ate amazing food, enjoyed the spa and spent a beautiful evening at Aria with my fella

Picked the venue for our wedding

Made Lili wear clothes.

Sang and dance with my friends…quite¬†a few times!

Also, took another trip to Texas,¬†spent quality time with my bff in¬†Reno AND Vegas, hosted a few guests at our home,¬†found out I’m getting a sister in law and many other minor details, of course!

It was a lovely year but I’m hoping 2011 blows it outta the water!


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