We went to dinner tonight with my fella, our friends and their adorable baby.

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings which was much busier than usual and I was totally head over heels for how well-behaved and happy their baby was.

I don’t know if I’ve ever been around such a happy baby in my life! I know that I’m not around the kid all the time and I’m sure moments are different, but his parents were proud to report that it was “pretty normal”. Constantly smiling, laughing, not fussing, moving his cute little body around! It was so nice. And the entire conversation wasn’t about the baby! Which is rather a hard task for parents, lol, understandably so!

Happy to have a nice evening out 🙂

The soon-to-be Huz is heading back home for a week tomorrow. I’m awfully sad that he won’t be with me for Christmas. A whole week during a very cold and rainy holiday week is going to go by so slowly.

He did however leave me really cute presents all around the house and on the tree. 🙂

I truly feel lucky to have such a charming thoughtful man on my hands!

I guess I’m in the mood to brag! 😉


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