Happy, Happy, Happy

It’s pretty rare that I get a weekend off so when that happens I try cramming anything and everything into a couple of short days.

I went to sleep early last night, hit the gym today and grabbed some groceries. Got ready and met my friends for a nice lunch, coffee and shopping.

Took a refreshing nap when I got home. Peter woke me up and we headed out for a little movie date.

We saw 127 Hours which was totally, 100% amazing. It deserves its own post. Soon.

While I was shopping today I got 2 new ornaments for the tree. It’s the beginning of a tradition for us, so after the movie we put them on the tree and danced around the living room while the Christmas tree was all lit up displaying our new and first, meaningful ornaments together.

It was so sweet and so unexpected. I think it’s one of those sweet little moments on a happy day that I will never, ever forget.



One response to “Happy, Happy, Happy

  1. Sounds like my kind of a weekend! I wish that could actually happen more often around here!

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