I’d love to write a post about how thankful and grateful I am for P90x and Tony Horton.

I really,really would.

But, for some reason I just can’t find the words. All I can think of is I HATE TONY HORTON!!!!

I am so sore, every muscle and bone in my body is aching. My entire core hurts. Laughing, walking, lying down and sneezing is just pure torture. All of it.

Perhaps, at the end, when it’s said and done, I can be thankful and edit this post.

Maybe if my arms get super toned like I’m dreaming of and I’m wearing much smaller pants than I’m wearing right now. Maybe if people “ooo” and “aaahhh” and ask what I’ve been doing and eating and how I worked so hard and where my motivation came from.

But, until then, fuck off, Mr. H.


2 responses to “P90x

  1. I still have not tried P90x. It scares the bejessus outta me. Maybe after I have this baby I’ll give it a try??

    Maybe not. Still scared!

  2. It’s totally worth it, I promise. I bet Bill might like it, too. I did it a couple years ago for 30 days (the program is really for 90 days) and I saw amazing results. Poppin’ Clavicle, style! woohoo! LOL

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