A day off!

I’ve been working 6 days a week, so today I am so thankful and grateful for Sunday.  I have the whole day off and it’s going to be productive!

I did Yoga X this morning (KILLER. the first 40 minutes were pure hell. You have no idea.), I’m meeting an old (new) friend for lunch and we are going to do some wedding shopping for me, and then my fella and I are headed to the reception venue to meet with the manager and square away some details about the menu!!

Hopefully this evening we can catch a movie and enjoy dinner together.  Horray for no work! Then, another 6 day week and I’ll be off again next Sunday.  That’s right, work on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Sigh. Do whatcha gotta do! 😉


3 responses to “A day off!

  1. Ew to working on Thanksgiving! Did you have stuff you wanted to catch on Black Friday, too? Maybe you can do the “cyber Monday” instead.

    What is yoga x? And why is yoga torture?! Eek, yoga is pure relaxation and heaven for me right now. Weird to think of it otherwise!

  2. Nah, nothing big I was searching for. Just wanting to avoid all traffic, LOL. What about you? Find any big deals you are going out for?

    Yoga X is one of the DVDs on P90x and it so hard and so extreme. It’s an hour and a half! The first 40 minutes is pure hell. The last half is much better, but still a challenge. I’m hoping over the next few weeks it’ll get better.

    Stick with your relaxing yoga. Seriously.

  3. No, we basically bought everything already! I just need some small things and some family items, but that’s about it. Thank goodness. I hate the madness!

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