My MaMa!

I am so thankful and grateful for my mother.

I’ve always known that I have the best mom, ever.  My friends, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, etc. have all told me that my mom is the best.
My siblings and I figured this out long, long ago. There’s a saying in my family that is, “Everyone needs a Katie in their life”, and it is so true. This woman is a saint with children, the best listener, gives sound advice and has the strongest and most unconditional love for her dearest friends and family.

She is the best at raising children and never pressures anyone into feeling or doing anything. I’m getting a million questions from my soon to be mother in law and tons of other people about the wedding and plans and the guest list that I think my head has exploded 10 times already.

When it comes to my mom, “do what you need to do. Let me know if I can help.” I see other parents pressuring their children into so many things, including “having babies!” and I am so thankful and lucky that my mother would never ever dream of doing that or saying that to any of her children.

It is such a relief as a child to know these things.

To say that I would be lucky to be half as wonderful as her is  a big understatement.

As I get older I begin to appreciate her more and more. I begin to really understand her more and more. I understand how it really was probably so hard for her to make herself look so perfect in so many eyes. Hell, maybe it wasn’t hard for her and she’s just really good at what she does and what she loves. 

I always wonder, WWMD!?

In pretty much every decision. Or decisions I see people making with their own children. 

She thinks me and my siblings are all crazy when we boast about her, but she really has no idea.

She is perfect.  

And this is her totally in her element. Holding a baby, happy as can be as other people admire her. ❤


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