Here we go again with all of our options!

Honeymoon in February right after the wedding?
Wait til Peter is on Spring Break?
Wait til summer for his really long break?

A long trip doing multiple things?
Something romantical?
All inclusive?


6 responses to “Honeymoon

  1. I love the cruise option! Of course, that might be because my honeymoon was a cruise. But it was great πŸ™‚

    Bill and I were just talking a couple days ago about taking another one, reminiscing about our fun times the first time, etc.

    How long can you two take off work if you went in Feb?

  2. YES! I remember you did that. My sister did as well. I think it’s pretty cost effective and I’ve heard great things about it. My aunt is planning a cruise for my cousins high school graduation with the family in July. So, we might plan to do that, in addition to something just for ourselves, of course.

    My time will really depend. I need to take some days off before the wedding, so I was hoping to split my time and just go later in the summer. Of course, Pete has the whole summer off so this option would be the most ideal.

    Do you think you’ll take another cruise any time soon? Well, after the baby, at least, huh?!

  3. Oh boy – when we went on our cruise, it was the same time as a big high school graduation party cruise. BIG MISTAKE on our part! Those teenagers were loud, drunk, and super annoying. Next time, we will splurge and get the pricier rooms to avoid anything like that happening again.

    One kid in the room next to us even left on crutches from some drunken accident on board the ship! Let’s hope nothing like that takes place with your cousin, lol.

    I think we will take one in the next couple of years – it was overall such a happy memory for us that we were really getting into planning another one out. I’m not sure where we’d go, though – I think the options are a lot different if you leave from the upper east coast as opposed to Florida/Alabama (we sailed out of Mobile).

  4. LOL! Ohh damn. I didn’t even think about all the young drunks! That’s too bad. :/
    Where did you guys cruise to, again? I forget!

    You’re right, leaving from Maine or somewhere close to that would definitely send you somewhere completely different! Just another fun experience to have! πŸ™‚

    The benefit of some other places is it’s adults only! So, about 80% of the people there are honeymooners. And usually all inclusive which is a huge added bonus.

    Our other fun idea is to travel to Chicago, Boston and NY and see some baseball games and the cities. I just would be dreading the heat the whole time, LoL. But, I think seeing multiple places at once, and baseball games (which we both love) would be soo worth it!

  5. We went on a “Western Caribbean” cruise. There were two stops, and they were both in Mexico. lol. Just fess up and call it a Mexican cruise! But, both places we stopped were really fun. The first one was where we did a tour of some ruins, and the second one we went snorkeling and were severely pampered on the beach by the hotel staff, drinking frozen martinis and having a romantical blast.

    I wouldn’t mind the all-inclusive adult only option myself! Bill and I had such a good time at that hotel on the beach that we thought about just booking a vacation there and skipping the rest of the “cruise experience”. Who knows what we will do for our first relaxing vacation away from the kids!

  6. LOL!! No kidding, huh? “fess up” .. that’s hilarious. My aunt told us shes considering a “caribbean cruise” which made me think of Jamacia and St Lucia???? Guess it all depends on how you define it, haha.

    Ohhh, the pampering sounds wonderful. I’m sure whatever you guys do will be such a great, relaxing vacation! And well deserved!

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