I’ve only been out of high school for 8 years. Realistically, this is not a long time period. However, most days, I think it is. Especially when I can remember certain faces and moments like it was yesterday. I suppose until I’ve planned and gone to my 10 year reunion, “long time” just shouldn’t be in my vocabulary regarding the matter.

But, in addition to girls wearing really short prom dresses and texting in class here is something that you’d never hear back in my day.

A conversation on Facebook
Girl 1 @11:30pm : Hey, text meee
Girl 2 @11:30 and some seconds pm: No, I can’t.
Girl 1 @ 11:31pm: OMG, why? What happened to your cell?
Girl 2 @ 11:31pm: I’m on my bed and my cell is on the floor. Skype me!
Girl 1 @ 11:31 and some seconds pm: kk! xoxo

That is a real conversation that I just read on a 16 year olds Facebook page.

Thank the LORD it was not one of my cousins. hahaha.

I just can’t get over how the times have changed. I can only imagine what my parents feel like.


One response to “Conversation

  1. This scares me for the future. Eek!

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