Alfred Angelo

Today I’m feeling thankful and grateful for Alfred Angelo.

They had the most absolute perfect dress for me and they’re offering me 40% off wedding invitations!

It’s the little things that will add up to big savings that create sheer excitement for a little Bride-to-Be.

I’m searching high and low for so many things. All things that I’ve searched for in the past, just not for my own wedding. The wedding that is seriously happening in a little over 3 months.

It’s beginning to feel so real and become such a fabulous reality. All of the ideas, and plans and rules are teetering between fun and exciting and stupid and stressful, lol.

The day after my wedding, I hope only for my fella and I to look back and know that every second of our big day was totally worth it. From the planning, to the pictures, to the cake, to the food, to the centerpieces, to my fun shoes that I’m desperately searching for.

Worth it times a million.

Pretty, please!


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