The weekend flew by! I actually feel like I had a weekend to enjoy, which is rather rare.

I skipped my grateful posts for Saturday and Sunday, so today I’ll have 3.

I’m thankful and grateful for not being a picky eater. I will try anything once and I’ll almost always like it. This makes eating healthy, eating out and meeting people for lunch and dinner really, really easy. I will never complain! Well, except when it comes to Sprouts because those are just wrong and nasty.

I’m thankful and grateful for spending over 2 hours chatting with a fabulous friend on Saturday and another 2 plus hours chatting with a long-lost friend on Sunday. Both were delightful and both conversations were pleasant and eye-opening. I love having such a wonderful group of friends with so many different things happening in their life. Literally one end of the spectrum to the other with these two friends. And both conversations were equally wonderful.  

I’m thankful and grateful for my cousins. I know, I know. I’ve mentioned them a lot and you get it. But, I don’t think anyone gets it. I pretty much grew up raising and babysitting these children with my mother and to see them mature into beautiful young adults is so amazing. There’s not an ounce of spoiled or bratty in them. One is a senior in high school and her little brother is a freshmen and they are truly best friends.  They have mutual friends and mutual interests. They make each other laugh until they cry and they help each other when they need it. They share stories about boys and girls they like and make everyone they meet smile.

I have never ever seen a sibling bond this strong before. I’ve rarely seen high school children this way, before. Smart, funny, sarcastic, well grounded, entertaining and popular.

They amaze me every single day.


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