Red Cup

Always so grateful and thankful for coffee! But, right now I am entirely focused on being thankful for a Red Starbucks Cup.

This typically means delicious seasonal drinks are ready to be enjoyed, the weather will start getting cooler(unless you’re here in Vegas, hello 80 degrees in November!) and the holidays are right around the corner!

I’m always the girl that’s totally stressed out by the holidays but I adore spending time with my entire family all in one room, since it only seems to happen once a year.

I’m going to decorate this year more than I have in the past! Speaking of, it is time to change out my kitchen towels! 🙂


One response to “Red Cup

  1. I’m enjoying my morning mug-o-joe as I read this! I always flavor my coffee with hazelnut, though – nothing fancy. Otherwise I would miss it too much the rest of the year. I remember going through a pumpkin beer phase in TX once – that stuff was delish and I don’t even love beer all that much! I was sad when spring rolled around and it was no longer available.

    We are decorating for Christmas this year, too! Last year was such a bummer, and Bill is on board too so I’m going to take him for all he’s worth and really make Christmas nice, even if its just us. Can’t wait!

    Its definitely NOT 80 degrees here. I’m beyond jealous. You have no idea.

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