Thankful November

Happy November! I love when the beginning of the month falls on a Monday. Double fresh start!

In the spirit of the Holiday Season and being thankful, I’m going to post each day this month about something I am grateful for. ūüôā

November 1:
My fella. My fiance. My soon to be husband.

I won’t write out a long letter to him because it’d probably be rather emotional and perhaps too much information that you don’t care about. Sort of¬†like writing our own wedding vows- never, ever.¬†That equals emotional disaster for us, Lol.

¬†But, when I say that I really, truly feel like I’m the luckiest girl I know in one of the best relationships I’ve seen/been in, I really mean it. Times infinity.¬†

I especially give him lots of kudos as of the last few weeks because I’ve been venting to him and complaining to him about so much bullshit and drama re: stupid people. I know he’s probably tired of it but would never tell me that. He listens, gives advice and totally feels my pain. It’s nice to have a guy care about the little stuff, too.

I was always told to just keep the trivial venting for your friends, but he’s really the¬†truest friend I could ever ask for and have.

Lucky Luckerson.


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