Date night

Tonight me and my fella are going to a very nice dinner in a super fabulous Steakhouse. We get to see the newest Cirque show at one of the newest hotels in Las Vegas! We are staying the night in a great room with a city view and tomorrow we are going to enjoy breakfast and the Spa together!

I can’t wait! It’s so nice to have such a nice date night planned. It’s totally needed. Especially doing something we can’t always do. Going to the movies and regular restaurants gets pretty boring sometimes, huh?

Feelin’ lucky!


2 responses to “Date night

  1. Where is this new hotel? South Strip?

    Can you believe I haven’t lived in LV since 2007?! I am soooooo out of the loop now.

  2. 2007!? Really? What’s even crazier is that since then you’ve live in Tx, Cali and Maine. Bought more than 1 house, had a baby and are expecting another! LoL! Where has the time gone?! It’s fun to look back at how things have changed, huh?

    The new hotel is in the 10billion dollar City Center Project. It’s in between the Monte Carlo and the Bellagio. You honestly wouldnt recognize the strip anymore- it’s madness. And absolutely amazing, haha.

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