My man

I have a big crush on my fiance.

We usually try to lay down for bed earlier than we plan on falling asleep so that we can chat and laugh with one another.

Last night we fell asleep laughing hysterically. He had tears in his eyes and my belly hurt from all the laughter.

I picture growing old with him in that exact manner. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

More often than not, I find myself hoping that everyone gets to experience this kind of love that we’ve found. It  truly is remarkable.



2 responses to “My man

  1. This is cute 🙂

    We used to do this, too (not the going to bed early part, but the talking in bed before sleep part). Now I just fall in, completely exhausted. I blame growing a baby and taking care of my other baby, though. Maybe 5 years from now we can get back to our old routine!

  2. LOL! Oh no! So, you’re telling me this is what I have to look forward to? 😉
    yes, in 5 years your talking routine should happen again!
    It’s funny how things change, huh?

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