I’ve been crushin’ on baseball players since I was 7 years old.
It is so nice to see a “new” team advance. I’m SO tired of the Yankees, the Phillies and the Rays.

Kind of how I’m tired of seeing my team always lose. Next year, Cubbies…next year.

This past May we went to a Rangers game and I thought the park was beautiful. I also saw Nolan Ryan which was pretty cool. Just saw him…up close on zoom from my camera. Meeting him would have been a better blog , huh?

 I’ll be honest, I remember thinking “who wants to see the Rangers play?!” hahaha. Plus, they were playing the Royals which is really why I was asking that question. And now I have the answer: e’rrrrbody wants to see the Rangers!
I also have a big ol crush on celebrations.

And Mr Lee.

Root for the Rangers so the Yankees can go home. Just don’t tell my fella I said that. 😉


One response to “Baseballers

  1. You know I don’t follow baseball, but if I did I would be partial to the Rangers! I’ve been to two professional baseball games in my entire life, one of them being a Rangers game. So fun!

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