I’m starting to feel it. Overwhelmed, rushed, ready, excited, nervous, etc. I feel like now that we are so confident about where to have our reception, I’m flooded with emotions.

We seriously don’t have any time to procrastinate. We have things to order, ideas to finalize and lots of spending to do over the new few months.

So, that’s why I am focusing on priorties.

Noooooo, we aren’t going to wear cowboy boots, listen to country music and eat this cake after we tie the knot. I just want you to see those homemade/handmade cowboy boots on the top! That’s some serious skill and I’m down to request all the skills they have for our big day!

Is this cake beautiful or no? Look at those details! I think it’s so classy looking. And delicious…since we are talking about priorities and all. 😉

I love them, I love them, I love them. How will I decide? Especially since I can pretty much request anything I want and they’ll do it!


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